Tradeshow Ambassadors

Are you ready to invest in your own financial success? Become a Global Whitening Tradeshow Ambassador and bring our amazing whitening treatments to a trade show near you! Our tradeshow ambassadors love what they do because it's simple, fun and extremely lucrative. We will provide all of the necessary training as well as the equipment, supplies and products.


First you will learn from Global Whitening executives what makes our products the best in the business. Next we will train you to give a live whitening demonstration, where you’ll learn how to brighten smiles. Finally our executives will share our trade secrets, teaching you how to use our brand to make lots of money. We will even provide you with eye-catching marketing materials to attract new customers.

Every time you bring our teeth whitening treatments to a tradeshow, convention or other community event, you’ll find your business expanding. Whether it’s a county fair, a bridal expo or a national convention, the opportunities are endless. Don’t be surprised if soon neighbors, family and friends start knocking down your door wanting a brighter smile. If you’re ready to be your own boss and make a great living while making people happy, become a Global Whitening Tradeshow Ambassador.

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